5 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Are Preferred

March 01, 2019, Stephan Bail

It is not hard to believe now that cloud computing has gained popularity among the businesses given it offers the flexibility for enterprises in so many areas.

Having someone to look after your systems for all kinds of updating and maintenance tasks is an absolutely attractive idea in itself, as it removes a considerable proportion from the company’s burden. Due to its flexibility, security, and reliability, many companies tend to adopt this technological support. But yet there are some companies who prefer to stick to their old proven ways of on-premise applications and software’s to run their businesses.

Focus on the core business objectives

Cloud computing allows the companies to move and take steps with more resilience through their business processes and Azure Cloud Platform is one such service; a platform as a service (PaaS) used for building, deploying, testing, and managing the applications and services using Microsoft-managed data centers. Availing Azure Cloud Platform gives company the freedom to pay only when needed depending on general usage, user requirements, and the growth rate of a company and company would only pay for the resources they use. If getting a third party to regulate your IT environment is an option that allows you to focus on the core business objectives with absolute attention, that option must be taken.

Without a doubt, on-premises IT environment gives off a secure sensation and peace of mind as you have more control over your systems and data. On-premises IT environment can either be governed by the company’s in-house technological department or a third party can also be involved in this process. But this can cost way higher than having a cloud-based IT environment. You will need to spend extra to put up with on-premises setup requirements such as software licenses, in-house server hardware, integration capabilities, and readily available IT employees to treat the potential issues. Moreover, in case something breaks or won’t work, the company would be responsible for its maintenance expenditure.

Now let’s consider the reasons for which Microsoft Azure Cloud Services should be preferred to on-premises technology for your next software project:


Easy on Budget

The factor that plays a major role in developing and operating a business is the finance, of course besides the strategy, policy, and action plan. So, keeping the track where you spend the money and ensuring that you are spending it where it should be spent, is crucially important. So the most alluring reason to shift your IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure is its cost-effectiveness. You no longer will need to buy, install, and upgrade the overpriced software and you will also won’t have to worry about paying for a large amount of disk space and storage.

As Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose any of these services that fit the business criteria best. Also, Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go model makes it even easier for the companies to manage their finances as they will only pay for the resources they used from Azure services. This eventually generates a very positive impact on financial management as it keeps IT administration costs to a minimum. The company can now direct their energies towards achieving its core objectives, saving a considerable amount of time and money; as the infrastructure is taken into care by Microsoft on Azure.

Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose
Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose any of these services that fit the business criteria best

Implementing on-premises set up often comes along with many concealed costs including physical infrastructure cost, power bills, and implementation and training cost. Worst can be the case when many of such costs would only be realized after on-premises implementation. On contrary, Microsoft Azure never comes with such hidden costs but only it offers the accompanying benefits of data security, privacy, and customization, along with 24/7 access to data and hassle-free support.


Scalability & Ductility

Azure has made it simpler, there is no more required of you to make effort to download and/or install software, instead, it has all been done for you already. It is simple and effort-free to make things run using Azure cloud computing. Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform offers the users fully hosted and highly customizable services/websites. The maintenance tasks and management of the system are governed by Microsoft without even involving the internal staff of the organization.

Worry no more about the storage issues and those related to it, as Microsoft Azure Storage offers cloud storage services that are safe, secure, ductile, and performance-efficient. It is adaptable, offers virtually unlimited storage capacity, and based on the need, more storage can be availed on incremental payments. This keeps you free of worries about how to deal with needing more storage capacity. Your data is secure, stored as a back-up in cloud and can be accessed by your employees from anywhere, at any time given they have an internet connection.

A unique, outstanding feature of Microsoft Azure is the auto-scaling feature. Azure’s auto-scaling feature would monitor your traffic and as the usage spikes up, Azure will scale your services to keep up with the uprising demand. It gives you the benefit to preschedule your resources to scale up and scale down in accordance with the fluctuations in usage and demand. This keeps you prepared for all kinds of scenarios.

Auto-scaling feature
Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose any of these services that fit the business criteria best

Intelligence capabilities, Analytics, and Integration

The only cloud platform that offers the Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Bots, Cognitive APIs, and Machine Learning, is Microsoft Azure. Blockchain has captured the attention of many modern businesses and also in the ecosphere of technology. It streamlines the business processes and makes the transactions secure by verifying them, thus mitigates the chances of fraudulence. A number of participating entities are linked within the blockchain value and blockchain data is distributed in replicas making the data more secure. The records for each transaction are kept in blockchain safely as they are immutable.

Microsoft Azure PaaS offers tools and building blocks that are necessary to build and deploy new cloud services. It helps build DevOps connections that are needed to monitor, manage, and fine-tune the apps on a continuous basis. Azure PaaS takes care of a larger part of infrastructure management tasks without involving the internal crew of the organization. Azure PaaS solution saves a lot of your time which can be utilized to focus fully on innovation and other business processes.

DevOps connections that are needed to monitor
Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose any of these services that fit the business criteria best

Digging deeper into data has become easier with Azure as it offers SQL and NoSQL data services and also the built-in support. Data-digging can reveal the key insights that can promise improved business processes and better decision making. Azure makes the operations simpler by using virtual on-premises machines such as Windows and Linux. Thus, organizations that depend on Microsoft tools like Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint can use Microsoft Azure that can impeccably integrate with Microsoft products.


Azure Logic Apps

Adding a new customer can involve several functionalities that can be executed with Azure Logic Apps that provide serverless workflows in the cloud. These Logic Apps allows the streamlining of data and bringing the steps of adding the customer to the database; generating welcome email, creating new user login, and an entry in CRM; into an articulate workflow.

Logic App offers more than 150 connectors to services such as SAP, Salesforce, BizTalk, Visual Studio Team Services, Oracle DB, file shares, and many others. This allows better integration of data in and out of the serverless apps and saves from the pain of writing complex glue-code between separate systems. This allows better and all-encompassing connectivity of your applications rendering more channeled services and operations.

Logic App offers more than 150 connectors
Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose any of these services that fit the business criteria best

It helps you manage, orchestrate, and automate the tasks and business processes when data, apps, and systems are needed to be integrated among organizations or enterprises. Azure Logic App is equally applicable to both on-premises and cloud-based IT environments. The businesses which are planning to expand or need to share/exchange their resources across the organizations in the market are advised to harness the benefits of the Azure Logic Apps.


Free up the IT staff

Selecting the right cloud platform as a solution to your business processes is crucial; a cloud platform that supports collaboration among open source databases. Comprehensive collaboration takes the burden off of developers and allows them to be more creative towards the essential tasks and accomplish the goals faster.

The high flexibility of tools and infrastructure along with a comprehensive system of end-to-end solutions that Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform provides help streamline developmental processes by systematizing the operational tasks. Azure Cloud not only handles most of the operations but also allows the smooth ride despite all the bumps through the crazy ride of business processes and operations.

The Azure Cloud do almost all the maintenance for you
Azure offers more than 100 services, the businesses can choose any of these services that fit the business criteria best

The scalability, flexibility, and capability of tackling the most technically complex tasks offered by Microsoft Azure make it the most all-inclusive and appropriate solution to get rid of the extra drain from your developers. As the Azure Cloud do almost all the maintenance for you such as maintaining servers, detecting and fixing bugs, and looking out for software updates. Azure lets you save your time, energy, and money which can be better used in some direction that leads to achieving the core objectives of your business or project.